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The art.

My current ongoing body of work began with exploring the intrinsic voice of colour. Each colour I apply onto canvas is instinctive and personal. I incorporate colour, form and texture with brief introductions of geometry to construct a visual narrative.

Within each piece, I seek to explore and express fragments of our inner monologue—finding inspiration within moments of introspection.

I embrace a slow and decisive creative process by using a palette knife to apply oil paint onto canvas. I enjoy the confinement set by a predefined stretched canvas as it forms a limited space to ground my work and reflect my source of inspiration. As a whole, I seek to embrace a more visceral experience within the viewer in my work.


The artist.

Helen Nhan (b. 1987) is a Canadian abstract artist who spent most of her youngest years engulfed in artistic pursuits. For her studies, she side-tracked into the medical field to become an Optometrist. Today, she returns to her visions, grabbing hold of the play of colour and form that never left her, reigniting her passion for the arts.

Helen currently works out of her studio in Ottawa, ON, Canada.